Why There is no "Edit Post:" Option in Mylot ???

August 3, 2009 1:22pm CST
I wanted to start a discussion "Iam Suffering with Ankle injury" and instead of that i wrote "Iam Surfing with Ankle Injury" . Once i made post i saw this mistake and tried to edit my post. But it was very astonishing to see that there was no "Edit Post" option in mylot. Iam still thinking why mylot have missed it?? Its very necessary for a website where people discuss different matters. Anyone can do mistake so this option should be there to correct errors or to make post more impressive. Your recommendations??
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@angelsmummy (1700)
3 Aug 09
I know what you mean I have made mistakes a couple of times. I would advise just reading your discussion before posting it to check for mistakes. I generally dont do this, hence why I have errors in my spelling and what not but we shouldl really. We have the option to preview posting and should all do that really to avoid errors like this that you mentioned! We learn from our mistakes though! Welcome to MyLot by the way, happy posting!
• Pakistan
4 Aug 09
Thanx a lot.
• Greece
15 Oct 10
I post content with typos all the time. I usually check it but not that thoroughly and sometimes I only discover the errors when it's too late. I too believe there should be an editing option or at least the option to add additional comments after the discussion topic has been posted. It's difficult when we don't even have the option to provide follow up comments or at least delete the question and start over.