do you think that youtube is no.1 of all video sites?

August 14, 2009 1:25am CST
this is a discussion to evaluate that youtube is the best video site in the world or not?what do you think?please tell me your comment.
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14 Aug 09
Yep, it definitely is. It's the most popular, probably has the most videos and the most user traffic. I think a lot of people trust Youtube when uploading their videos, so it has a good reputation. Other video sites might be just as good, but they aren't widely known as Youtube is.
• United States
19 Aug 09
In my opinion Youtube is the best videos site of all the internet. You can just see the TV Shows,Celebrities,Bands and Artists that make their own Youtube channel to share their videos with all the people.There are also other video sites like dailymotion but all dailymotion videos are easily found on youtube.
@kitty42 (3912)
• United States
16 Aug 09
I believe it is, but not really sure, youtube has everything you can want so I don't bother going to other sites, I love the fact that people are in their home just being them and sharing that with the world, what an amazing concept, wish I had thought of it, I have been watching videos there for a few months now, never really knew what youtube was about, then one day I just happened upon someone video and been hooked ever since, my grandson also watch youtube on a daily basis he is a Michael Jackson fan so everyday he watches Michael videos and dances to his music, I would like to post him doing the thriller dance, my grandson is 6 and he has that dance down to a science.