You prefer your Bmw stock,or customized?

August 23, 2009 1:05am CST
How u like your car?Stock,everything like when it came from factory,clean,no gadgets,etc. or u like low suspension,big rimes,agressive front bumpers,custom interior?While both look great,the classic and the modified Bmw wich is the one you preffer?
2 responses
@s2mmy17 (65)
• Estonia
13 Dec 09
Its depend what bmw series is. Usually i like low suspension, big rims... 7 Series i like all stock. Then its much beatiful
• Philippines
23 Aug 09
I like it when it's brand new, no gadgets and extra accessories. Customized cars looked really good but I think that one shouldn't modify its car because it will affect the car's performance. That's just my personal point of view though.