Making use of other's characters

August 23, 2009 10:43am CST
I want to try writing some short stories using character's already created by other authors. I know that this crosses over into fan fiction, and am aware of the trouble that some writers of Harry Potter fan fiction got into with JK Rowling. I can understand the need to protect intellectual rights, and that JK Rowling was focused on a few as it crossed over into her own work in progress. My question though is if I wanted to use characters from say Wilkie Collins or Sir Walter Scott, what trouble would or could I be in?
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23 Aug 09
I have often wondered the same thing. As far as I know just writing it is fine if you're doing it for your own enjoyment. When it comes to publishing is when situations get sticky.
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24 Aug 09
Thanks for the response. At the moment it would be for my own pleasure, but who knows if it was any good I might look to get it noticed by others.
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30 Mar 10
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