What type of relationship do you think is appropriate for college?

@raineyes (561)
United States
August 25, 2009 1:13am CST
Do you think that going into college you should be single and not tied down - or try to make a long distance relationship work? I recently began college and have heard many different varying opinions on this matter from my fellow students, and I was simply curious as to what others think. Share what you did in college if you've already been there or what you think is the wisest or best course of action. I personally believe that it depends on if you are already in a previous relationship and how strong that relationship is. If you love someone, then remaining faithful and overcoming distance should be completely do-able and your relationship should last. However, I think that if you aren't in a serious relationship, or if you aren't sure about what you want, then you should enter college as either a single man or woman. Or possibly you could be in an open relationship with someone else if you talk it over and decide that while you both care for each other very much that you are okay with fun little flings with other people. What do you think, and what did you do?
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@lovedude (4454)
• India
25 Aug 09
Well.. I was in the same situation when I started my college.. but it's not like that you go there and think you will keep relationship in limit or for long distance relationship.. It's just natural feelings you will feel for few (!!!) and may be get one or may be not.. but never think that you are in college so you should have one bf/gf.. you can have many boys and girls are friends.. if one suits you, your home, your family and culture.. you can go for long term relationship.. I got my better half from office even she was studying with me in college. :-) so it's just matter of time. Good Luck and also study well.. :-)