Do you think it is fair that schools remain open with so many flu outbreaks ?

@CORDALE (868)
United States
August 25, 2009 5:02pm CST
I live in Houston County Alabama. We have a severe widespread of the flu and stomach viruses in our area currently. School just started and although we purchased sanitizer for our kids it isnt too effective. It frustrates me that we have a large amount of cases here and yet school is still in session. the hospitals and dr offices have quarentined off areas it has gotten so bad and we all know that the vacines are in limbo. My question is : is it just me or dont you think school should be closed for a couple of weeks to allow kids a chance to recover?
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• Philippines
27 Aug 09
Here in the Philippines, there were schools and universities that temporarily closed when they found out that there were victims of H1A1 virus. However, they re-opened after they made countermeasures to prevent the disease to spread. I am glad that our government is doing their best in spite of the lack of budget. Unfortunately, Dengue fever is worst here than H1A1 and my wife and daughter had been a victim last January. I even made a blog post about it entitled Dengue Fever - How It Almost Killed My Wife and Hurt my Daughter - Thanks!
@MistyWood (349)
25 Aug 09
I am in the UK and the parents here would be up in arms if we suggested closing the "free babysitting service" called school.... "The teachers have enough holidays why should they have any longer?" would be one of the alternative cries that could be heard! The UK government are intending to try to make every child and every school teacher have the vaccine so that the schools can stay open... I know there were a number of cases in the school I work in, during the last term and NO we didn't shut!