SmackDown was boring - Now I guess no more after the return of THE UNDERTAKER

New Zealand
August 26, 2009 4:22pm CST
Well, for the past couple of months, Smackdown was a bit boring watch. There wasn't many top superstars except guys like Jeff Hardy. Triple H was transferred to Raw and so as Batista. Smackdown was becoming a show with less interest to watch. Now, after the return of Phenom, The Undertaker, I guess it will be amazing and entertaining to watch. I guess at least it will not be very boring.. I think Smackdown still lacks in top class superstars like John Cena, Triple H, Batista kind. I think at least Vladmir Kozlov shouldn't have been sent to ECW. Thoughts please..
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@Sparkz95 (222)
26 Aug 09
Well, Smackdown is mainly used to build the new superstars who are still new to the business. Smackdown may not provide the best viewing, however, it gives the new wrestlers much needed experience, especially when wrestling against people like The Undertaker. I agree that Smackdown isn't very fun to watch, but that is mainly because of the new talent. In a few years, Smackdown will probably have a whole new roster and some of the superstars from RAW will have retired. Some of the new talent to Smackdown will be on RAW in a few years. Hope this helped. Happy MyLotting!