the slow internet connection speed....

September 4, 2009 10:32pm CST
hi friends...before i own a modem and get an internet connection, i used to visit an internet cafe every time i wanna browse, have online chat, and download something. one thing that made me upset was the internet connection speed. i only got 10kb/s for downloading a 100mb of single video clip. you know how many hours it took to finish? almost 2 hours. however, whether it is true or not, i ever heard that in Russia the internet connection speed was claimed as much as 4 GB/s. maybe it only took seconds for downloading a 100mb file. anyway friends...the situation happened in my country, how about in your country, do you have that kind of problem like me?
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• India
5 Sep 09
speed of my internet connection is 256 kbps and it is unlimited. Earlier I used to have a 2 mbps internet connection which was limited to 60 hours a month. The maximum internet connection speed available in my country is 16 mbps which was launched few days back by a ISP but it is with limited usage and very high price.
@nanayangel (7839)
• Philippines
5 Sep 09
Hi there Work Out Freak!What country are you from? I am from the Philippines and I am more often than not, dissatisfied with the speed of my internet connection. I am using cable internet at 512 speed but I feel like I'm getting less. I believe that the highest speed available in our country is 3MBPS but of course, it's really expensive that I don't think I can avail of that even if that is available here in our province.