love the sinner, hate the sin

September 17, 2009 6:57am CST
everybody commits sin, regardless of the religion, financial status or family background a person has. Jesus himself loved the "sinners" during his time, spent time with them and helped them not just in the spiritual aspect of life but also in the Physical and material aspect of life. It's really sad to see in reality when most of them self-proclaimed "matured" Christians tend to be "all-knowing", inconsiderate, self-righteous, manipulative, hypocrite and judgemental. It is contrary to the example of Jesus. But thank God for those real humble God-serving brethen who never gets tired of sharing the Love of the Lord to everybody, regardless of the gender, age, financial capacity of the person. The kind of brethren who would never use God's word to condemn unbelievers or hurt fellow "brothers". May the real essence of God's love which he showed to us on the cross prevail... Love the sinner (which is everybody in the world, including christians and pastors since we all sin, nobody is exempted to that, whether you accept it or not, thats reality)..... just a reminder
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• Philippines
21 Nov 09
one of the hardest thing to accept is the truth...i do understand what you're trying to point out. but may i also clear some of what you have said...sometimes when someone told another that his/her act is bad/wrong. they may react and see that person as perfectionist, inconsiderate, hypocrite and so on....Open rebuke is better than secret love...if you really love that person/sinner you have to correct them in a way of what Jesus have showed us...that's the real love..not tolerating, coz if you tolerate their mistake your not loving the sinner and hate their sin.
@Archie0 (4669)
17 Sep 09
Well i have always walked with this statement and loved people around me when even they have been the worst for the world, i always had mixed friends with me.And i have even been betrayed by them many times but this statement was said by my godfather that you should love the sinner but hate the sin, even this was said by my teacher once and i still remember and follow it.