Can you enjoy playing Street Fighter 4 with the Playstation pad?

c.viper  - c.viper
September 20, 2009 4:55am CST
Well, I just wonder if myLotters who plays it have the same problem as me with this game. It's really difficult to make Super and Ultra combos with the Playstation pad. It's possible but well it makes me lose time as the left cross was really not made for it. I bought myself a fighting stick online for something like 50 Euros (70/80 usd) and it's worst than this, it just seems the stick comes right from the middle ages so I think if I had a goos stick I could really enjoy the game but the only good ones are made in Japan or in the U.S. So, if I want to invest in a good one with the transportation fees it'll be something like 200 Euros (250 usd something!). I mean can you believe it, to be able to really enjoy the game I'd have to spend something like 350 usd! This game is so beautiful but I just have the feeling that Capcom didn't think this much about non Japaneses and Americans citizens. Do you play SF4? What stick would you recommend, a Hori or a Madcatz official one? Come on guys, I want to kick your azz and I want to do it the right way
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