Lady's Choice: "Circumcised vs. Un-Circumcised"

September 20, 2009 11:40am CST
ladies, ladies, ladies.. would you choose to marry a guy who is uncircumcised? should a males circumcision be an issue to your marriage? if you where to choose between two guys, which one will a lady choose? a man who has been circumcised? or the one who hasn't? id like to post a pic here.. but it may not be appropriate.. id rather leave it blank.. hoppylottin!
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@pillusch (1149)
• Mexico
21 Sep 09
This issue is a typical case where common sense, applied by mankind for thousands of years for reasons of hygiene, the male cirumcision (it just keeps the 'thing' cleaner, no residues or bacteria can collect there) is highjacked by religion. Whether you are circumsized as a man or not shouldn´t say anything about your culture or religion (even though it does, I understand that), and it certainly doesn´t say anything about the person himself. I don't want to critizise your post, it's totally understandable and laudable, but it shouldn't be necessary in a saner world to even mention it. When does the way people urinate start to tell us something about their cultural or religious background? It's a strange world we live in, and sometimes it scares me.
@maezee (33917)
• United States
20 Sep 09
Where I live, and in my culture (the United States, coming from a Central-European descent), it's more accepted for men to be circumsized; so this is generally what I consider "normal" (just because of the way that I was raised/my cultural standards). But I wouldn't turn away someone - if I was in love with them - because they weren't/aren't circumsized. I think that's stupid. I don't think it really matters, but what's more culturally accepted where I live is to be circumsized.