DO u consider urself FORTUNATE??

September 21, 2009 3:05am CST
well yes, i consider myself to be one.. why? because yes, it's just a state of mind, even if you own half of the world but still doesnt acknowledge those blessings, you could still be unfortunate... AFter all it depends upon our SATISFACTION LEVEL.. so are you or arent you?
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• India
21 Sep 09
ya really i consider myself as very lucky man.Because i m not fortunate,I won't be here present in this world that's the gift of God.I really feel fortunate to myself because the place where i go i used to get good sort of friends that is the bigest luck that i ever feel in my life and i always to have that too..I am also vry lucky enough that a got great site like MYLOT to discuss about all ours sorrow and joy with our friends..thanks to mylot..keep lotting buddies...
• Philippines
21 Sep 09
With a loving husband, supportive family, trusted friends, rewarding career and good health, I guess I'm pretty fortunate. What more can I ask for? =)