Record sheet, paper works - record sheet, paper work, for reimbursement
September 23, 2009 11:08pm CST
Ha!.. record and accounting.. i seldom meet people who practice that in their personnal private lives. Yes, in the companies, people practice it. If you ask me? I'm tellin you yes, the company needs my report of personal expenses for reimbursements...
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• Philippines
24 Sep 09
Nope, I don't. I just have my budget in several envelopes and marked them according to their specifics. I have time to do the accounting but I think there are more important things lined-up for my attention rather than focusing on this task. =)
@maezee (33009)
• United States
24 Sep 09
For business purchases, no, because I simply never make any business purchases that would be reimbursed. I only keep track of what I spend in my checking account, because that's truly the only source of money I really have at this point (Because I don't spend any money on credit cards, although I have 2.) I definitely NEED to write down every purchase I make with my debit card or using a check - because that way I can balance my checking account without having to worry about overdrafting. Very convenient, that is!