Favorite Teacher

United States
November 14, 2006 8:04am CST
When you went to school who was your favorite teacher? My favorite teacher was the head of the French class. She has special activities that no other member of faculty had. The other members of the faculty were always popping into her class to see what was going on, and plenty was. We had French breakfasts and several dinners. At Christmas time we made homemade decorations and trim from stringed popcorn. She taught us everything she could about the culture and language of the French people.
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
25 May 10
Well my favorite teacher is my maths teacher, who is so kind and very friendly. She gave me the interest towards studies and enjoy them
@zuri25 (2127)
• United States
21 Nov 06
School - school
In high school, my favorite teachers were two best friends, Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Pope. They each had their own unique way of teaching that really got the students involved in their own education. Mr. McCarthy taught Literary Genres. It was him that got me interested in literature. He was also the first teacher that ever really made me think for myself. If he asked a question and nobody knew the answer or ventured a guess, he wouldn't give it to us, we would have to find out for ourselves. Mr. Pope taught Sociology and Psychology. If ever their was a teacher that cared about his students above any lesson plan it was him. If something of importance was going on in the school then he would forget about the lesson of the day and we would have a round table discussion. Everything he taught us he related to our lives, which is why I still remember a lot of his teachings.
• Romania
14 Nov 06
my favorite is my french teacher ! i like the language and his body ! hmm i....yeah : !
• Philippines
14 Nov 06
Mr. sese my philosophy teacher back in high school, he's simply the best in all aspects :) style and content, all worth listening :) and respect
• United States
14 Nov 06
well my favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher mrs roberts.. she was the niceeeeeeeest women you could have ever met just like a mommy to me and i love her and miss her so much and sort of like ur situation she was the only unique teacher int he elementary school that would do fun things like no other teacher would do.. it was an amazing clas and i wish i could go back to 4th grade she was the best teacher ever and i wish other teachers would learn from her teaching styles she always made things so fun everything she did was turned into a fun activity so we werent falling asleep in class=)
@DRoddy77 (1778)
• United States
14 Nov 06
My favorite teacher was Mr. Narducci, my 12th grade English teacher. It was his first year teaching and he was always so much fun in class. He made it fun to learn!