what do you hate the most in your friend or your partner?

October 18, 2009 11:29am CST
well i am not married and that might take years cause i am young but if you are married or have a best friend then what quality do you hate the most in them.?? i hate that my friend always makes me like things that he likes. tell me guys what you fell
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@Juli_angel (1064)
• Israel
18 Oct 09
ha, I actually hate that my friend likes all the things I like. but it's not like we found out we have a lot in common, and more like I have a book that I like, and when I tell him about it he's suddenly inlove with it, and it's no longer my thing.
• Moldova
18 Oct 09
Lol, you should get a new best friend juli, cause the point in having a best friend besides having something in common is arguing, of course without fighting, in a positive way about different things and situations. Because you can reach nice ideas by convincing your friend about something you think is right, by finding the best arguments :).
@se7enthbird (8330)
• Philippines
29 Oct 09
my wife and i have a good relationship, but there is one thing i hate in her and that is she multitask all the time. i know that is tiring. and i dont like her to get tired to much. we have a three year old son that is very active that i know makes her tired as well. she always tell that i shouldnt get worried for she will stop if she feels tired.
@Joker_MD (11)
• Moldova
18 Oct 09
I hate when my best friends try to make me thing the way they do things is the right way. And also hate irresposability. About my girlfriend, i hate when she doesnt answer when something bad happens in our relationship. I like to solve problems as fast as possible and damn, i hate when i have to call 10 times and get no answer.