A journey with many changes

@maximax8 (28490)
United Kingdom
October 21, 2009 7:50am CST
Some people are doing a relay trip of around the world in 80 days over land and sea but not air. Two people began in Turkey and had to travel to Kyrgyzstan. However their journey had to have many changes due to Iran and Uzbekistan refusing them entry. There was trouble in Iran due to an election. So they worked out a totally different route but I didn't go well. They traveled to Georgia and then into Azerbaijan. They had a terrible time wondering if they would get a ferry across the Caspain Sea. Then they missed the train that would have got them to Kyrgyzstan. They were so naughty because they took a helicopter to catch up with the train. That helped them greatly and they managed to get to Almaty just in time. What do you think of their journey? Do you think it was right that they broke the rules by taking a helicopter? Have you ever had changes to a journey that you have done?
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@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
22 Oct 09
That is quite and adventure they are having... i would like to be able to do that... but alas... i can't because i need to work and i have a daughter to take care of... i wonder where they got the money they used for all the traveling they are doing... are they being funded by a certain organization... or are they paying for everything with their own money...
@buping (954)
• China
22 Oct 09
hi friend, i heard that someone are doing a relay trip of around the world. but i do not think they did right by taking a helicopter. they were too naughty, and many people do not agree with what they did. but on the other hand, i am so envy of them, i like to tour around the world. but i have no such a chance.:)
@zhuhuifen46 (3486)
• China
22 Oct 09
It is always interesting to hear about round the world journeys. Most of them are challenging themselves, and at the same time for fame. Personally I believe the changes are understandable, and necessary so that they can keep going, instead of announcing a failure. I appreciate their courage, but feel difficult to follow for normal people. I like travel, but limited by various resources, I can only choose the most well known places with less risks, but my inner heart is telling me I should have seen more diversities of human wonders.