Do you have friends who make plans with you but they do not follow through?

United States
@much2say (15628)
November 9, 2009 11:07am CST
I have a friend who never seems to follow through on her plans with me (and our other mutual friends). It's sort of like the boy who cried wolf . . . we just don't believe her words anymore . . . and now anytime she makes plans, we only roll our eyes. This year for my birthday, she again mentioned several times "Let's get together for your birthday" - "When we get together for your birthday . . . " - "I want to take you out for lunch on your birthday". And when the time comes, *cricket, cricket* - not a peep til the next month - not even to wish me a happy birthday! One time she said she would treat my friend to a birthday dinner. She actually took her to a fancy schmancy restaurant. The birthday girl thought that was so generous and thoughtful - she had been down with money being so tight and all - so a nice dinner was much appreciated. And then the bill comes . . . the friend made no gesture to pay for the birthday girl . . . so the birthday girl ended up paying for herself (ended up having to charge it). Those are just a couple instances. It's one thing when she says she'll call and she doesn't call . . . we can always call. But when it comes to a celebration or something, it'd be rude for us to call her bluff "Um, remember you were going to take me out?". How would you handle a friend like this? And BTW - we, the friends, do keep our word when make plans with her.