Do you have a sweet memory with your pet?

November 11, 2009 9:17pm CST
Long time ago I have a pet. Its name was Oneng Oyen. She was a beautiful cat. Unfortunatelly, she ran away and returned home with a big wound on her leg. She looked around the house before she passed and sat on my lap, looked my eyes and she died. I missed her so much even untill today. Do you have a sweet memory with your pet?
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12 Nov 09
i have had alot of pets in my time they are so much a part of the family i have so many good memories its hard to choose one but i remember when i first got my dobermann and he was still a puppy i took him out for a walk in the park and he saw a duck on the river and not realising he couldn't walk on water jumped in and went straight under i had to drag him out and he spent 10 minutes shivering on my lap on a bench the big softy
• United States
12 Nov 09
We have three cats. They are all so sweet. My cat is so cuddly. She loves to fall asleep in my lap or curl up in a small chair that I keep beside the bed with a small blanket on it. She can sleep right next to me and I don't disturb her and she does not disturb me. When I wake in the morning, she follows me everywhere I go. When I go some place outside of the house, she stays at the door and waits for me until I return home. She is so sweet.