why do boy act tough but are sweet when they are at home?

United States
November 12, 2009 11:46am CST
my boyfirend is one of those guys he will act all tough when we go out but when he comes over he ask me to rub his tummy and back and he acts like a cute baby its wired but cool at the same time. why do you guy do that?
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@MJay101 (711)
12 Nov 09
Sorry to disappoint you. I'm a pussycat when I'm out, too... I suppose, for some, it's the whole macho thing. To me, it all seems a bit "monkeys swinging through trees", and frankly quite pathetic, but then, I was born in the 20th century. Some of these boors obviously weren't!
@smedtra (77)
• Turkey
12 Nov 09
Well i'm really like that aswell. The difference between the two act is due to the role society expects from man. Man expected to stood still against the difficuties, not to bend against hardness and show not much emotion. So we usually act tough around other people, and show our true selves to beloved ones.