How to Avoid Hackers in facebook

November 13, 2009 7:50am CST
I have been enjoying facebook for sometime now because of the enjoyment of seeing friends and using the applications. But recently, hacking became prevalent. Is there a way to avoid facebook accounts from being hacked thus avoiding my friends to be fooled by scheming hackers?
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@lealuvy2j (1989)
• Philippines
16 Nov 09
I think the best way to avoid hackers is to check the log-in page. Make sure that the url above is not a link with additional characters after login.php because most hackers use sites which looks like facebook but in reality it is a phishing site which gets your username and password. Another tip is one should not give one's account passwords to anyone.
• Philippines
16 Nov 09
Thank you! I will try to remember those.
• Philippines
13 Nov 09
Well, if the hacker is really good and a pro it's hard to avoid them, especially if they have a grudge on you, but these kind of hackers are big time and doesn't waster their time on simple facebook accounts, they're more on rapidshare or paypal accounts. I think those hackers on social networking site are more on using phishing technique, if you have heard of it it's a technique where people use fake log in page of a social networking site, and when you put your email and password there they will simply know it and even your ip address, another technique is cookie stealing, when we are browsing our computer stores data that are coming from the net like our username, password, history of browsing, temporary files, and something like that, now those hackers will use some tools to get your cookies and decode them (because they are not simply written as english language but on codes) after that they can now know about all of your surfing experience, those cookie stealing programs are some simple add-ons on the browser, you could avoid this by deleting your cookies every now and then. But as I said a while ago, real hackers are not really bad people that destroys someone's account just for fun, they hunger more on difficult security system because they want to test their skills and talents. Well, that's my opinion, just beware on phishing technique because it's more used by simple people who wanted to get someones account, look at the URL of the page before signing in, let's say the facebook home page is of course, the phishing site will not be like this. That's all, happy mylotting!
• Indonesia
17 Nov 09
Always check the url of your login page, it must be some , check it per character, when you receive an email that inform you to recovery or reset your facebook account ignore them, do not take risk to follow their instructions. it's all about pishing and fraud