Can you read a map?

@carmelbg (521)
November 18, 2009 6:01am CST
I have to say that the stereotype that women can't read maps is really annoying and I find any generalisation like that irritating. That said, I actually reallu struggle to read a map, I have no idea why its just like my brain doesn't get it. I don't think its cos I am a woman I think its just something I can't do. My husband can read maps and if we are ever going somewhere new I will drive and he will read the map. How about you? Can you read a map?
4 responses
• Italy
18 Nov 09
I can read a map, I still hike the old-style, without gps, satelite or whatever, I still use a map and good orienteering skills...
@dodo19 (34706)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
18 Nov 09
Well, I'm a woman, and I can read a map. It might take a while to figure things out, but I can do. I've been asked by drivers (who were primarily family) to read a map for them while they were driving. I don't really remember anyone formally teaching me how to read a map, now that I think of it.
@bettydeng5 (1709)
• China
18 Nov 09
It's difficult for me to read map, I think it's compliated to read. I want to learn to read the maps, it will be helpful when I went another city.
@benny128 (3621)
18 Nov 09
yeah map reading quite easy well I find it quite easy he he he though now a days I use my sat nav so no really need for a map anymore,