Nitto Legends is a Rip Off

United States
November 20, 2009 10:10pm CST
Due to the recent update of Nitto Legends, many of their customers got ripped off. We had cars taken from us, and some people even had their money taken from them. I believe that if people spend hard earned money to play this game and to have fun, that they should by all means have every thing that they have worked for. People who have purchased memberships and points for this game should be allowed to keep what they have paid for.People who play Nitto Legends also often get hacked and scammed. I believe that Nitto should take responsibility, and deal with these issues. It wouldn't cost them anything to give back what was taken. Is it not their responsibility to track down users who are abusing their game and being unfair to other players? What they have done was completely unfair; and, I for one, am speaking out.
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