Do you know any martial art

December 5, 2009 4:56am CST
Learning any martial art is a good step for self defense.Now the younger generation people are learning different forms of martial art.Learning it create lot of confidence in us and it is useful in some urgent situation.Now i am learning Karate from a trainer.
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@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
13 Dec 09
I think that is wonderful. I have always wanted to learn some kind of martial arts also. I like to be able to do those moves and to also be able to defend myself too. It is good self discipline also.
@balasri (26553)
• India
6 Dec 09
I have started to learn the intricacies and nuances of the Marital arts long time back and still I am learning.I think that I will become completely adept with it in the near future.So right now I do not have any time left to learn any of those Martial arts.
• United States
5 Dec 09
I know some Martial Arts, and I know self-defense. Coming from where I come from, people have to know how to defend themselves.
@ronnyb (6120)
• Jamaica
5 Dec 09
That is a good idea to teach young ones martial ats not because of theobviuos reasons of self defence which is absolutely necessary in times liek these but because of the kind of discipline it also teaches.Martial arts also teaches that one should resort to violence as a last resort so it will help young ones to be able to asssess a situation and decide how to approach it. And this level of self control si what many young ones need in this day and age.Mind you I wish I knew martial arts too and at the level that I see them execute on TV
@alicia812 (648)
• Australia
5 Dec 09
My dad used to teach us, me and my siblings, Judo Karate when we were still young. My father is a Judo Karate instructor/trainer. I did not develop much interest in it though. I am planning to enroll my son in a Taekwondo class and see if he shows any interest, then we'll start from there.