Women with shirts open and showing cleavage

@ronnyb (6126)
December 6, 2009 2:42pm CST
I have noticed that today many women are opening the top of their blouses to reveal cleavage.It seems to be so common that a woman who has her top closed up is either a grandma ,a christian and even some of the members of these groups are following this trend. I wont stand here acting like a puritan and say that I havent looked (sometimes a little too long too )but I often wonder if these females dont see something wrong with that kind of exposure .I was thinking back in my days as a youngster I rarely saw any cleavage in this manner. I am also wondering how the men view this situation and would they want their wives and girlfriends to dress like that .I can tell you that many dont mind seeing it but then when its too close to home it gets uncomfortable. What say you ,am I just an old fashioned geezer or am I just another man who is subscribing to the double stnadard when it suits me .Both men and women are welcomed to respond and even take pot shots at me if you like ?.