Rallies and Demonstrations on the street.... Don't you hate them?

@hotsummer (10449)
December 9, 2009 5:05am CST
Rallies and Demonstrations is what i grew up here in my country. No i don't join those rallies and demonstrations but i always see them in the news. It is so common in our country. the major rallies against the government and other sector of the government are so common that not a week will pass that you will not hear a new rally being set up against the government on the street , right in front of the presidential palace or any where in the country. Rallies fighting for eliminating corruption, increasing basic salaries, against new oil price hike, fighting for the right of the victim of any crime and etc. Though i believe that rallies are good to fight for our right but sometimes i feel that they are being abused sometimes. i don't mind if they fight for the right of some innocent victim. but demonstration against a government each week sometimes it is just too tiring.
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