People who give their dogs up...

By Link
United States
December 17, 2009 12:41am CST
I realize there are certain circumstances where some people have to give their beloved pets up, but there are also some people who act like pets are trading cards and they give them away then get another at their own leisure. Especially small dogs. 1. Do NOT buy a pet for someone as a present unless you are absolutely sure they want it, are not allergic to it, and can have it at the place they live. 2. Make sure any pets you already have get along with the new pet before you actually keep it. 3. If you are wanting a puppy, yet plan to have kids in the next 14 years, please be aware that you will be taking care of a dog and a child at the same time. If that doesn't sound like something you can handle then do not get a puppy (or don't have a child). 4. Make sure EVERYONE living in your home is not allergic to the new pet. Just because they've "been around" that type of pet before doesn't mean that they aren't allergic. It could mean that a short exposure to it doesn't do much to them. Also, different types of dogs have different hair which can cause the allergens and dander that get people sneezing and what not. 5. If you are moving within a distance that you can drive, take your pet. They can endure some hours riding in a car with you rather then spending the rest of their life without you, missing you, or taken to the pound to be put to sleep. Small dogs are lap dogs and can fit in your lap, a purse, or small carrying apparatus. They would rather be uncomfortable for awhile then miss you forever, trust me my dog howls for me if I leave for 30 mins! 6. Make sure if you are moving to an apartment you find one that accepts your type of dog BEFORE you move in. 7. Please research the breed of dog you will be getting so you know what you are getting into. Even if you want a small breed dog, they can be a lot of training as well! And not all are cuddly and always sweet some breeds can be snippy, protective, and like to bark a lot. Which brings me to point 8. 8. Be prepared to train your dog! Whether you do it yourself or take them to a professional or at Petsmart, always be prepared to train your dog and have time and patience and enough will to be consistent. I have a 3 year old Min Pin I got from someone last year, who got her from some weird lady who kept her in a van, and had her for literally a day and a half and gave her to me because she said she didn't have time to house train her. Now, at 2 years old my dog wasn't housebroken, which was just sad and it took me 2 weeks before I could get her to even PEE outside. And after that it was about a month or two before she stopped going indoors altogher with no going "sometimes" on the floor. So be prepared to train your dog. She is now happy, and housebroken, and a spoiled baby lol. Her breed is stubborn to train, they like to take stuff and hord it. Which mine does all the time. So again, be prepared to train your dog! If your dog is naturally behaved then you are lucky! 9. Do not get your pet as a seasonal or holiday gift. Once the magic of the season has worn off, so will the magic of the new pet. A bunny for Easter, cute, but when the kids would rather be out with friends or playing Xbox instead of taking care of the rabbit and picking up poop, guess who suffers? The rabbit. Puppies for Christmas! A classic, until you find out your girlfriend is allergic, or can't have pets at her place, or she finds out she just doesn't have time to actually spend with a pet. 3-6 months after a holiday I always see stuff like "1 year old puppy. Got for Christmas for the kids, but they don't take care of it..." Yeah they are children you have to start with stuff like goldfish and work your way up to the responsibility of a dog. Even hamsters are a popular pet to get for a child. But after a while children just lose interest so be ready to donate it to a classroom as a class pet. Also make sure you are getting a hamster breed that does well with being handled, teddy bear hamsters are adorable but mostly they like to run away from people, jump from your hands, and take off running. I don't think everyone who gives there dog up is bad or anything, but I have been on Craigslist in the pet section and I always see very stupid reasons pets are being given away that could have been avoided easily just by thinking about the above things. Try to adopt from a shelter, they get puppies there too! And if you choose an older dog chances are you do not have to worry too much about training and house breaking as they will already be accustomed to this. So, just think before you get a new pet, it is not just your life that is changing, but the pet's life too, and you will be responsible for their life.
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@rosepedal64 (4192)
• United States
17 Dec 09
Hi Bamboo I have really enjoyed reading this discussion. You have done an exellent job in putting all the main reasons that most forget when they see that cute little puppy,or kitty face. We all are suckers for the animal. I too have so many end up somewhere else to have to get adjusted to a new home life. This puts stress on the animal too. People don't really look at animals as having feelings like we do. They don't want to be tossed around from home to home either. Great discussion. Have a nice day. Keep smiling.,
@minx267 (11162)
• Hartford, Connecticut
17 Dec 09
The best advice I have seen all day.. Thanks for posting this- I hope someone takes the time to read it.. I agree with everything you said. As a "mother" to 4 dogs, 14 Cats and previous owner of over 50 hamsters.. HEHE.. everything you said is right on.. I too have seen WAY too many animals given up because the seasonal enjoyment of them has worn off. I rescued an uncountable number of animals from my neighbors who frankly should NEVER ever own a pet of any kind. I watch 2 of them hit by cars- held one in my arms while it took it's last breath. The other a young puppy who was already blind in one eye at 4 months because they didn't take it to the vet with an obvious eye irritation, was struck by a car broke it's leg and then put down because they couldn't afford vet care.. You should add that if they can't afford vet care or to get insurance on their pets- to also not get an animal- because like humans their animals are going to get sick or injured in their lives and will require care.. Most people figure that that is the end of the disposable creatures lives and A) never get it vet care and let it die suffering or b) if they do go to the vet.. they just tell them to put that young 2 year old animal down because they can't afford to treat it and it's just cheaper to get a new one anyway.. I wish everyone opens there eyes to the fact that pet care means taking on the RESPONSIBILTY for another' life.. It shouldn't matter whether that life be Human or animal.. If you don't put your child down because it broke it's leg -then Why should you put your PET down? Obviously, sometime there are exceptions to this rule.. sometimes the suffering of the pet is too great... But amazingly, pets are very resilient creatures. I have a cat that was injured and had a broken pelvis and dislocated tail.. and neurological damage from this accident. She didn't have bladder or bowel control.. She was still happy and purring at the vets office and we decided to giver her time to heal.. but the vet advised me that she might never regain the function of being able to control her bladder and bowels.. And to think about putting her down if that were the case..because -quality of live would not be great (as she had to go in every other day to have her bowels and bladder expressed). After a month on steroids and wasn't looking good. Then worse happened..(or so I thought) she got sick and started vomiting (she caught a virus) After forcing her to drink so she didn't dehydrate (she didn't eat much for 2 or 3 days)she started to recover. a few days later the day that I had originally scheduled to put her down if she didn't improve came.. I called the Vet and said give me another week -I can't put her down when she just fought to make it through this virus (that killed 3 of my kittens) so I rescheduled... Well - and this is my Opinion- I think by not eating and not drinking to much for a few days actually helped her bladder and bowels to ease up (but not having to process much) and the morning of the day I was bringing her in.. I let her out of her cage and she walked into the bathroom to the litter box and pooped.. all by herself.. I was so excited! lol I got to the vet and couldn't wait to tell them. he checked her out and even her bladder was NOT full. She regained control! They were AMAZED. they call her the miracle kitty. And a sidebar.. her tail that was dislocated was dragging behind her and he said we would probably have to amputate it. Well it's a year later and she has about 85% of the mobility in her tail back too. She can even pick it up over her head.. I showed the vet the video and again they were amazed.. I tremble to think that if she didn't get sick and I postponed that DATE. I would have put down an amazing loving cat, all she need was a chance and a few prayers.