Forrest Gump+i will be the second or myself ? Real life is started...

December 18, 2009 7:45pm CST
It seems around 2008,the hards days come,with recession in the world market,people started to budget their lives,shops closed down,companies go bankrupt,factories lost orders,baby was born;but I still the one who is just out of university,not young but not mature. We have our direction,but after longtime running,we always got lost. Or that i am just a new bird,this is always happen but i couldn't see or realize it before ? What should a normal people do and think ? If you are a worker ? a waiter ? a banker ? a seller ? Who will take care of that ? We should act as our own Forrest Gump ? Keep a brave heart ? Or it destined that we new guys should hang here and there ? Who can answer ?
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@VVroom (258)
• Romania
19 Dec 09
Wow JackChew you already answered... real life is started :) School indeed is showing a direction but they always forget to say in the end...Hey, guys, by the way... what you've learned here for so many years is slightly different then in what some ...errr...some humans are calling life. The good news is that this is always happening. So... I see your described situation as an opportunity for people of your age, not as a frustration. It's not the first one and it's not going to be the last one.
• China
21 Dec 09
Yes,life is just like that,like a kite,we fly it,we let it gone and let it back,and refly it,we sometimes laugh,sometimes fall down,the flyer itself is a kite in the eyes of the others' eyes,this is the color of life,haha..not bad
@Chiniona (327)
• China
26 Dec 09
Hi! JackChew! I always believe that every bad things would gone! A lost may turn out to be a gain! The best wish for you!