from deep within

December 29, 2009 6:41am CST
What happens if you get a book which interprets your dreams? You wake up. You find meaning in your predicament and in whatever you do. That''s what happened to me when I was getting frustrated with the workplace and the type of life I was leading, away from home. Then I go hold of this book, on fine day. It's called THE BOOK OF DREAMS by Pamela Ball. I was more than excited. To dream of fish, links in with our emotions , more specifically our ability tobe wise without being methodical. A door in a dream expresses the idea of movement between two stattes of being. A pet appearing in a dream means, we are linking in with our natural desire to give and receive love. When we dream we are attending a party, we are alerted to our social skills or perhaps the lack of them. This and many more helped me reconnect with myself and helped me understand that my present predicament is a product of a conscious choice made earlier.
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