list of social and paid-to-click site,are they legit or just a scam??????????

United States
December 29, 2009 11:49pm CST
Am in question towards these paying sites,i recently join all of them without not knowing if they are legit or not,so i wanna know if anyone know if they are legit or just a scam?i also wanna know if anyone has a prove that is it legit or not,or sign up with any of them?it's gonna be a long list even though for the past couple of days i reduce the amount,i guess am crazy or just greedy to join that much of a site.well put it at this am money hungry..who isn't?lol..please be factual.also if u have any better suggest good paying site please let me not sure i really need to keep all of these,too much hours of my time. Social sites PeopleString--- 6dgr frenszone yuwie Paid-to-Click sites/paid-to-read emails/Paid-to-signup
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