How do you protect your pendrives? Is there any antivirus for pendrives?

@ragikutty (2458)
Kerala, India
December 30, 2009 5:17am CST
Most of us use pen drives for storing data between home and work. And in most of work places pc contains viruses. What do you do to protect your pendrives? Have you got any anti virus installed in that? If you have, can you share its name with me? I want to find something to secure my pen drive and also want to find something to password lock it, so that none else can access it without my knowledge..
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@celticeagle (122699)
• Boise, Idaho
31 Dec 09
That is a very good question. I hope you get a good answer. I have a pendrive and am not even sure it is working to hold my data. Says it is expired. ????
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
31 Dec 09
In my opnion it depends on the drive itself. I have a memory chip that I have in my laptop right now. It has a manual slide lock on it that if put in the correct position makes the drive read-only. Also the higher flash drives usually come with their software, this takes up vauable space in your drive, but protects it. Before my latest drive crashed on me (probably from over use) It was password protected by me so no one could see anything but the drive icon unless they knew my password.
@Asylum (48152)
• Manchester, England
30 Dec 09
You would only require anti virus for a pen drive if you were using it on untrusted computers, otherwise you could rely on the anti virus installed on your computer. If you were transferring files to another person's computer then it is reasonable to assume that they were copied from your own computer and that you do not depend on the copy stored on the flash drive, so there is no chance of a virus destroying your data. If your flash drive did collect a virus then your own system would quarantine it and you could simply reformat the drive.
@srganesh (6348)
• India
30 Dec 09
rajikutty!It is not wise to use pendrives in public computers.Then you are safe without any viruses.But if you happened to use it once,then the chances are more for you to have your pendrive corrupted.It just happened to me last month so that I have to format my hard disk.To avoid this,update your antivirus time to time and scan your pendrive immediately after using it in a public computer.This is one valuable lesson I learned.If possible use a dvd to carry files to a public computer.
@shibham (17019)
• India
30 Dec 09
Hi, usually i scan my pen drives through antivirus software exists in my laptop. Now i am using bitdefender and it works fine with my laptop and drives. U can search free antivirus in Thanks.