What is your favourite PS2 game ?

January 20, 2010 12:15am CST
Mine is probably Tekken 5, because that's the best fighting game ever. Sadly Tekken 6 is out only for PS3, so I have to buy a PS3 in order to play :(
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• India
12 Apr 10
I play Grand theft auto san andreas,GTA Vice city stories,James bond 007 nightfire, Brian Lara 2009, Tomb raider, Resident evil 4 big hozzard. All are best ones. And also Raw vs Smackdown 2010.
@johank88 (46)
• Sweden
2 Apr 10
Hmm there are so many games in ps2 library but i think it must be Call of duty 4
@setsuna26 (2410)
• Philippines
29 Mar 10
I like all the games of final fantasy. It really captures my fantasy all the time. Specially their last one with the stone shards its special effects and scenes are just awesome. Its as if im watching a full length movie already. And the game itself offers alot of diverse characters stats to play with and even lots of mini quests that you can take all the time. You should try it too i believe thats final fantay 12 ;)
@snam23 (3161)
• United States
28 Mar 10
My favorite is the whole Jak and Daxter series by Naughty Dog. However, my favorite is Jak 3. It is an amazing game with superb graphics, great controls, and a storyline that ends the epic trilogy started by the first Jak and Daxter game. It is a must-play, especially if you aren't into FPS games.
@sushie93 (1359)
• France
22 Jan 10
My favourite game on ps2 are two Final Fantasy: FFX and FFXII!
@dikonoha (122)
• Indonesia
21 Jan 10
my favorite ps2games is winning ellepenth. cause soccer is my favorite sport.
• United States
20 Jan 10
Mine is a toss up between Final Fantasy X-2 and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Both of those games I can find that I'm able to sit and play for hours upon hours at a time.
• United States
20 Jan 10
Mine is a toss up between Final Fantasy X-2 and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Both games I find I can play for hours upon hours at a time.
@goleador (137)
• Mexico
20 Jan 10
I preffer driving games, and my favorite of them all is Gran Turismo 4, I would love to try GT5, but, I haven't even played video games for a very long time, maybe there is another game better than Gran Turismo, I don't know, but of the video games I own I think this one is the best.
@SinfulFox (135)
• United States
20 Jan 10
I would have to say it's a tie between the Kingdom Hearts games and Graffiti Kingdom. I've always loved Disney and the KH series are set in different worlds for various Disney classics. And Graffiti Kingdom is awesome because you draw your own monsters or whatever you want, and then you can play as them! It's the only game I know of where I can fight a giant demon with a baby in a flying shopping cart! XD