Do you have neighbors that keep asking you for things??

United States
@much2say (15704)
January 25, 2010 5:30pm CST
We live in an apartment complex . . . so our neighbors are very close by. One particular neighbor is a single mom, with 2 boys (an older teen and an 8 year old). Every now and then, the mom will send the 8 year old to knock on our door and ask for something. An egg, some honey, some coffee grounds, coffee filters - and just yesterday for half a cup of milk. What do I look like, a free grocery store??? Now, the boy is always polite, says please and thank you . . . but the mom never thanks us personally though she's always been "nice" to us in passing at least. If I need something in my kitchen, I haul my kids and go to the store which is just a walk away from us . . . I'm not going to knock on any neighbors house to ask for ingredients. Do you have any neighbors like this? Or do you ask your neighbors for "a cup of sugar" without hesitating?