Need advice on petting Guinea Pigs

January 28, 2010 5:42am CST
Hi, I just bought a Guinea Pigs and I named him Theodore(after Theodore on Alvins and the Chipmunks) and I need advice on petting him. We got him a pretty good cage with food, water bowl and a wheel but he keeps hiding under his little house and wouldn't let us hug him, he tried to escape us. Any advice,please ?
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16 May 10
A guinea pig needs time to be well acquainted with its owner - about three weeks more or less..You just need to be kind to it..Feed it..Give it some water..One more advice: don't put some little houses or boxes in which he could hide in..He just might get used to hiding and may only come out to eat and drink..Remove any hiding places for it so that it could get used to the environment..When I first had one of my guinea pigs, every sound seemed to scare her but later on she got used to it..You will know that your guinea pig is quite acquainted with you when he squeaks when he sees you or hears your footsteps or when you give it food and drink..When that time comes, try to pet your guinea pig while in the cage..Then after some time, try to take it out of the cage and always pet it..Put it in the floor but make sure there's no way it could scape..Don't hold them for a long time..They do not like that..Give it some grass..Give it to him one by one until he realizes that being held and being taken out of the cage is not that bad at all..I feed crab grass to my guinea pigs..
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28 Jan 10
Put some kind of thick gloves on to protect one of your hands while you pick him up. as you have your new friend in one hand, use the other to pet him. or make something on the floor so he can't escape but as long as he isn't in the cage. let him walk around in the space you made on the floor for him so he can get use to being out of the cage. also you can place his wheel and a little bit of his food in the space and try to give it to him with your hand so he can also get use to your scent. but he is scared right now sense he is in a new enviornment. it'll take some time for him. hope this helps good luck