Should a woman have to ask a man for money?

United States
January 30, 2010 12:34pm CST
My friends are here and we are talking. Tameka says,I should ask Tim for money. I feel I should not have to. We were living together over 8 years ago. We broke up and I moved to Miami now we are back together in Ny. He and I don't live together but if I even ask for a soda I never get it. Now mike is here saying a man should just offer to give her money. I don't plan to ask tim for any money. But,if valentines day comes and I get nothing we have problems. I took good care of Tim when we lived together I bought all his clothes etc. I never got anything from him ever. I need to pay $350.00 for a deposit on a apartment in Va and I need to pay $100.00 to hold the apartment for me. I need help with this. Thanks for all your help here. Have a great day.