Question Regarding paypal account

February 3, 2010 1:15pm CST
Hi Friends, I am From India, and I tried withdrawing my money from my paypal to my bank account in INDIA and It said that the amount is going to be transferred to a TYPE OF ACCOUNT: CHECKING ACCOUNT, But i don't know what was the account type i chose which i created the account, may be i would have chosen Checking account, But my bank account is a SAVINGS BANK ACCOUNT. So my question is is the checking account same as savings account, because when i tried to edit the type of bank account, I didnt have an option in paypal, just I can confirm my account, remove an account or add an account. otherwise I would be charged a return of INR.250 Please someone from INDIA used pasypal pls reply me....... Regards, Tricy
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@sirknight (118)
3 Feb 10
on your pay pal use why don t you go to paypal help secion on the web site and get the imformation on india why are there so many indias on this web site asking easy question about paypal ,paypal is easy to use and you can get all the imformation on paypal from them so go to the web site in the help section € and get the imformaion you need from them
• Germany
3 Feb 10
yes, i do agree to sirknight. Login to your paypal account and go contact the customer service. They are very helpful and response to questions quickly. At the mean time, try to read the faq section in paypal, you might find the anwswer you need. :)
@kiran8 (15354)
• Mangalore, India
4 Feb 10
Hi, I have been withdrawing money from my paypal account and getting it remitted to my bank account whic is an SBI savings account without any problem.They charge a nominal sum if you remit less than Rs 7000 /.Why dont you go through all the differnt options listed on your paypal account and read the help topics. It is also a good idea to persoanlly contact paypal staff and ask them for help...I am sure they will be able to help you out- all the best
• India
4 Feb 10
I have received amount from paypal to my account safely. However, Your name with initial and type of account should be identical. Suppose if you have name or type of account, the alternate way is that you can create one more paypal account with different email ids. In this new account, you correctly fill up details, then no problem. Contacting paypal service is very tedious. You would not get responses immediately, it is better to create another paypal account
• United States
3 Feb 10
i am not from india so sorry if im not really able to help you. but i will try my best to help you out. you say ur not able to withdraw your money from your paypal account right? its good that you have a savings account. i think the best way of withdrawing your money from paypal is to get a debit card get it verified then go to your paypal account and make sure you have your paypal bank account confirmed and go to withdraw then use your debit card. put your debit card number and all your other personal info then submit and that should work that way. the other ways i havnt really figured out yet.