Food Network and Over-Eating

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February 10, 2010 3:32am CST
Yesterday for most of the day I watched the food Network. I was looking for inspiration in preparing healthier foods. Yet I also notice that some of the shows, like Paula Dean's or the Barefoot Contessa's, make fattening and otherwise unhealthy meals. I would just think the Food Network and it's shows would be more healthy for its viewers. I also feel that watching the Food NEtwork all day can lead to over-eating and obesity, because it inclines a person to crave what they only see on tv instead of the healthy food in their fridge. how do you feel? I have noticed lately that the food network has many unhealthy shows, like chocolate competitions and cake shows, too. Why not promote healthier shows? now I know the Food Network is more popular for these shows, but I think it sends the wrong message to have shows on unhealthy food. What do you think? I guess that's why the Food Network is called the Food Network, and not the Health Network, but still!
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10 Feb 10
If you ate everything that the Food Network served you would be on the Biggest Loser.
@jb78000 (15173)
10 Feb 10
i don't think you can hold cookery problems responsible for people's eating habits - sounds like your network is providing the sort of programs that people who watch the channel want to see. you can always write to them saying you want to see healthier recipes too though. also if you are after inspiration why not look around the internet - there are millions of healthy recipes and cooking ideas out there.