how, what, who, where and why

@wmraul (2557)
Bucharest, Romania
February 10, 2010 5:18pm CST
Motto : To strive, to seek, not to find and not to yield. =========================================================== Keep your flag on top of your fortress. Your flag is never big enough, is never high enough. However, keep it up, waving on highest point. You are the fortress. You are the fortress of your life. Your life is mainly inside the walls of that fortress and you alone decide the height of the fences and how many gates you`ll keep open. You are the only habitant, the only citizen of your world. You are the king, the general, the scientist, the inventor, the philosopher, the clown and the worker. You must be simultaneously in different places inside and outside and that may not look simple.Is not simple, but that is what makes life intersting to be lived till the last pearl. Alive, as a lion, not as a chained dog. Always seeking awareness to build a better-higher tower to keep your flag waving up there. Others thoughts and actions comme and go from your territory. They are outside your walls or curious-rambling inside. As well as you may visit others places. More you are active, more others will visit your fortress. Some harmless, some usefull, some agressive. Some will have problems to reach you and will fail to taste from your sincere give-away wisdom, if your flag is not waving high enough. So, keep your flag on top of highest tower of your fortress. Think that for some it may be as a lighthouse or as stars for old-time-navigators. May be the guiding light. Keep your flag up and high. Sure, among the pedestrians visitors of your soul-fortress, some will try to steal, some will try to buy, some will insist to sell you all kinda elixirs - wealth, happyness, anger, hate and snake-oil. Some will try to convince you they know it all therefore you should lower your flag. Some will eventually try to destroy your fortress, to conquer it or even to demolish what you have dreamed, build and achieved in your life. Sooner or later those conquerers will winn on you. Becouse you were naive, becouse you was not awared of how much bad is outside your walls, becouse you was betrayed. Always because you were shallow while approaching things, you were shallow understanding how, what, who, where and why. Can happen. It will happen, eventualy. Be awared. Be ready. Fight back. You can't win it all, you must learn to loose, to know to accept the defeat. And start all over again. And again. And again. Like a perpetuum mobile. So, even if your life-fortress is conquered, stay on top of highest tower and wave your flag. Others will see you up there, waving your flag, the guiding light in the shadow of evil, encouraging them not to give up. Some will not. They will continue your work, their work. They will not cease to fight back. They will have from you the supreme gift - strenght-example that is possible to stand up. All is so simple, only three things to do: always be yourself, always grab wisdom and ALWAYS KEEP YOUR F***ING FLAG WAVING ON TOP OF YOUR F***ING FORTRESS !
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