Aarp Tax Aide messed up my tax return!

United States
February 11, 2010 9:31am CST
I am so upset right now! Yesterday I went to a church where the Aarp had set up free tax help to people. I was one of the first in line, and found out I'd be getting a nice size refund. Yet the same Aaarp tax Aide calls me back today, and explains to me that she messed up my tax return! She goes on to explain that she marked the form wrong, when she asked me whether or not I received the $250.00 last year cause of my veteran status. I asnwered her, "Yes!" So why did she mark "No?" I guess this mistake is going to cost me too, for now my tax refund is going to be $250.00 dollars less. I know I shuld be thankful I am still getting something, but her phone call to me took me off gaurd. It would you too, if you thought you were getting a certain amount back, only to find out that isn't the case! She also thinks my Va Disability is taxable now, too. I tried to explain to her that I have never received any form like a 1099 from the Va for my 40% disability, so I don't think it is. Also, Va disability is not considered income, right? I am not sure, but at last she called me back, right? In any case, she is ging to mail the forms to me to re-sign, so this is good news, and all I have to do is mail them back to her. So why am I so upset? Probably because while I am thankful she was kind enough to call me back about it, I will now be getting less for my tax return? Grr...
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@eagletrek2 (5224)
• Kingston, New York
3 Apr
go to your vetern office in your area and see what kind of tax help they have it might be better for you if the vets have their own program