The World According to Garp

United States
February 11, 2010 3:49pm CST
I have never seen this movie before, "The World According To Garp." I tried to follow the story line, but ended up just getting confused the more I watched it. Can someone please explain this movie to me? It seemed like a good movie with Robin Williams, and Glenn Close. What I gather so far is the mother is a famous author from writing a book for women. She ends up making a lot of money from this popular book, and buys a nice house on the shore. She is also a nurse tending to sick people, and it appears she runs a nursing home in her own house. Now her son is also trying to write but his books do not get the same response, until he writes about a girl named Ellen, who had her tongue cut off when she was raped. A society develops of women who voice their sympathy by ultimately doing the same thing, cutting out their tongues willingly. This society also stays at the mother's house. The son and the mom also befriend a previous football star that is trying to become a women, Roberta, through surgery and hormones, and the ex-football hero is like a member of the family and the mom's body guard when she goes to conventions empowering women. During all this, the son is just trying to live a normal life. He gets married, has kids in suburbia, while runnig into his own problems. For instance the son finds out his successful wife, who is a graduate teacher, is having an affair with one of her students. Yet I also think the son/husband slept with the babysitter. For awhile it seems the marriage falls apart, but after a serious car accident, they get back together and have another baby, this time a girl. So the son becomes a family man. What makes me so sad after watching "The World According to Garp" is the son loses his mom at a public convention for a women mayor. Roberta, the ex-football hero, only sees the shooter a second too late, and the mom dies at the end. Very sad, but then there is a poignant moment at the end of the movie where the wife and her family-man husband (Robin Williams)are in the medical chopper on the way to a hospital in Boston, because he also gets shot like his mom. The wife keeps saying, "Yes my love." I guess the movie struck me as a little off, because I had trouble following the story line, as you can probably tell by my "review." Will somebody please make sense out of this movie for me? Robin Williams is usually funny, but in this movie he is more serious, too, especially when he keeps trying to beat up a man driving recklessly through the neighborhood.
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