How effective is Safety Scan for Windows Vista and Windows 7?

United States
February 14, 2010 6:44am CST
My computer has been slowing down lately in its performance. So I surfed over to the Windows website, and opted to do a safety scan. I don't like it when my computer is having problems like hesitating when I open a new page. I am wondering if any of you mylotters out there had did a Safety Scan for Windows Vista and Windows 7. How safe is it? I am not very computer savvy, but at the same time I wonder how effective this scan will be. Are there other scans I should try to check for viruses? What do you recommend and what has been your experience?
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@skysuccess (8882)
• Singapore
14 Feb 10
towongfoo27, First of all, what is your computer's Operating System? Second, what anti virus or security suite software or malware removal software do you have in your computer? Third, did you install or download anything into your computer before you have this fault? What is your computer's specs i.e. Processor, RAM, HDD, Graphics Card and Sound Card? I feel that it would be important to mention here before proper and sound advice can be given. So, let's hear it from you again, please.
• Singapore
14 Feb 10
P.S. Additional: What is your internet connection speed? Cable or ADSL or ISDN? What type of modem is being used?
@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
16 Feb 10
I recommend that you install a program called SUPER ANTI-SPYWARE and run it daily on your computer. I have a friend here who owns a computer repair store, and this is the program he recommends. I also have the free version of Avast installed on mine as well, and you can use this program in conjunction with the free version of Super Anti-spyware. I usually update the super anti-spyware program and start the scan right before I go to bed at night. It is done by the time I get on in the morning, and all I usually have to do is close out the scan and restart my computer...I rarely have any problems with my computer unless I skip a few days of scanning it...
• Indonesia
15 Feb 10
For me, that's not effective because we must have license
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
14 Feb 10
First of all I wouldn't do a "safty scan online from a website unless it was from the offical website. and I mean which is the manufacturer of windows. IF it is from Microsoft, then I don't see the harm, but there are other things you can do to help computer lag. RUn a dis defragmenter, disc clean up, at least once a week. This will clear up a lot of memory. Clean out all temp files and cookies on your system (this can be done through internet settings) and restart your computer after each process is complete. Remove any unwanted programs that you don't use nor need. No need in having more programs then you need. Go to run, (type it in the search field and hit enter on the start menu)type ms.config.exe in the box that appears and hit enter. except the option to continue when prompted. and chose selective start up. This will allow you to go to the start up tab and uncheck everything. again restart. The less you have running in the background, the faster your computer will load. Fallow those simple tips, and things will run smoothly.