Is it normal for energy levels to fluctuate from day to day?

United States
February 17, 2010 11:27am CST
Hello mylot! I am wondering if it is normal for my energy levels to fluctuate from day to day. My profile is I am a normal healthy female, and I take oral birth control pills, a daily vitamin, and fish oil. I go walking every day for a few miles, and some days I have more energy than others. diabetes and heart disease also runs in the women's side of my family, and I have been known to have low blood sugars and a low blood pressure, too. I am wondering if I push myself too hard with my daily walks, or are my energy levels fluctuating due to hormones or blood sugar? I generally eat pretty healthy, too.
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@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
19 Feb 10
Yes, it is normal that energy levels do fluctuate from day to day basis. Though you are aware in maintaining your active lifestyle to be healthy. Our body as we get older do also have adjustments to made including the biological changes and hereditary traits we have. The energy level of a person like you most of the time is increased because of your active lifestyle. It is a good sign that you are taking care of yourself but must give limit if you cannot do activities exactly the same as the younger person does. Being healthy means an good and active lifestyle. With this, you are able to make all your body system function well and adapt to changes in your body. If a person like you made such awareness in managing her lifestyle well. Then though energy level do fluctuate everyday, It can compensate the reserved energy stored in your body for the next day. I believe there is no such person whose energy level does not fluctuate. Any motions we do in our body to release energy. Once an person energy level fluctuates he can do many optional remedies for replacing the energy lost. It is by eating the proper balance meal, exercise, and positive outlook in life.
• United States
19 Feb 10
Thank you for the greatadvice Genericbe!