Do you have face grease on your cell phone?

United States
February 18, 2010 7:30am CST
Okay, this is so gross! Have you ever borrowed someone's cell phone to make a call, only to realize he or she has left their face grease on it? I mean at least have the courtesy to wipe it off! I don't want your germs! If it is your friend standing right there while you make the call, do you think it would be considered rude to wipe off their cell phone right in front of them? Awkward.
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@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
3 Mar 10
I have this problem all the time. I have a Motorola Razor, and I notice this on the screen after I make a call. I wash my face every day, and I take at least one shower per day. I often take more than one shower per day, but I still seem to have this problem, especially when I work outside. I wouldn't take offense to anyone wiping my phone off before they used it. I certainly would wipe theirs off if I were faced with that situation on their phone.
• Estonia
18 Feb 10
I think it wouldn't be polite to wipe the grease off in front of them, I would rather do it secretly, so my friend won't notice it. What about me? I usually wipe the phone after I use it, I also wear it in a little bag, so it always stays clean and the grease isn't collected on the surface of the phone.
@1anurag1 (3580)
• India
18 Feb 10
I have not borrowed the phone ever to make a call as i remember . or perhaps if i have borrowed i did not have the courage or being a bit more mannered i did not care for the germs on the phone. i used the phone as it is how it was and really did not consider ever how many germs it could have.
@flashgo9 (52)
• India
18 Feb 10
Happens. That's gross. It's not really good to wipe the grease in front of them. Point behind and ask them,"Did you see that?". When they turn back, wipe off the grease. Just kidding. It's better to have your own mobile phone. Why would you have to borrow one then? PS: Chubby people will produce more face grease.