What is the difference between ground, milled, and whole flax?

United States
February 22, 2010 4:27pm CST
My mom has got me on this flax craze, convinced it is healthy. So today I bought some milled flax, as it was the only kind of flax offered at the store. I wanted ground flax, and even had the coffee grinder in the shopping cart, that my mom suggested I buy to ground the flax seed. She says the kind of milled flax I bought will not last long, unless it is refridgerated, and I don't understand why. Does flax go bad quickly depending on the type? I didn't know that two tablespoons have eight percent fat either! I was surprised that something so healthy as flax could have that much, yet my mom said it si the good kind of fat. Seeing I don't eat much seafood, I'd rather get my omegas from walnuts, fish oil, or flax. But what I don't understand is the difference between the kinds of flax, whether milled, ground, or whole. To me, it sounds like milled flax might be the same as grounf flax, but maybe finer in consistency?
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