Do you believe that mushrooms and green tea can fight or kill cancer cells?

@dvmurphy (326)
United States
February 24, 2010 11:18am CST
Shitake and other mushrooms are said to fight and even kill cancer cells. Do you believe that mushrooms can help fight cancerous tumors and cancer cells that have spread in the body? Do you think that green tea can deter cancer cells or do you think it is all hipe? Can mushrooms and green tea help a patient in stage 4 of lung cancer that has spread to the brain, both lungs and a leg if started right away?
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@writersedge (22579)
• United States
28 Feb 10
I have no idea, but I would hope that something less invasive than chemo and radiation are the answer because I hate those methods of helping people with cancer. So where did you hear about this? It's probably not any crazier than some of the claims I've heard. Like laughter curing cancer or macrobiotic diet curing cancer, or hitchhiking all over the USA curing cancer.
@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
24 Feb 10
I have heard that if you eat foods that keep your body from being acidic, that helps fight cancer cells. But I don't know what foods will do that for you. I have heard good things about green tea though.
@cloud31 (5811)
24 Feb 10
I believe, mushroom contains of amino acids which useful to fight againts cancer, and green tea is rich antioxidants that which can cleanse the blood vessel to where toxins of the humane body, green tea carriers of body antioxidants which bring health and well being.Most cancer developed in hectic lifestyle unless its inherit from a family member.These two things are both helpful in fighting cancer and even kill cancer cells. Happy lotting!
• Philippines
24 Feb 10
Going back to the basics has always been good...many herbalist believes in the healing power that our nature provides us and that includes the living plants around us. However, the healing properties provided by our nature may work in case to case basis. What I mean is it may work in an individualized nature...and if one herbal medicine works to one person may not work for another individual. That's why we have our clinical trials regarding the healing properties of herbal medicines...and that's why on herbal supplements we have the sign "No Therapeutic Claims" on them. Because further studies must be supported to create a more concrete healing result. Although mushrooms and green tea may have their healing properties, it may not be enough for a stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis. But it is worth a try because the healing power starts from the belief that you itself can be healed. But I may suggest that one should consult his/her primary care physician or a specialst before starting a herbal treatment in order not to complicate the existing health condition. By the way, doing more research about the healing properties of mushrooms and green tea over cancer patients can help you determine the possibilities of a cure. Try looking over some health news websites or health related articles dealing with such topics. Good luck.