What is the sercret to kneading dough?

United States
February 27, 2010 4:58am CST
I was watching the Food Network last night, and there was a cook preparing some dough. He said the secret to kneading it, is not to knead it too much, or the yeast doesn't work as well. Yet I thought the more kneading of bread dough, the better. Shows how much I know, right? Especially seeing as I used to make homemade white bread for my mom when I was a girl. I got the recipe from my home-ed class at high school, but I don't know if mom still has it. I guess the amount of kneading a dough also depends on the ultimate result and effect of the cooked product, right?
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@GardenGerty (94505)
• Marion, Kansas
27 Feb 10
I have had the best yeast breads since I bought a bread machine. I may have kneaded it too much or not enough when I made it without a bread machine. I let the bread machine mix and knead the dough, then I shape it and put it in a pan and let it rise just a little before baking it in my regular oven. For me the secret there is that the bread machine does not have to have extra flour to knead into the bread to make it and so it has a nicer, less heavy consistency. I do not bake in my bread machine, usually, because the little paddle at the bottom tears a hole in it. Besides, my favorite bread recipes are supposed to be baked in a round casserole. You know, I have an oval casserole, I may make a sweet bread and bake it to look like an Easter egg for our Easter family get together.
• United States
27 Feb 10
Hi GardenGerty, that sounds so good! I would love to try your Easter bread, send some my way (if only in thought). I use to have a bread machine, too, but I can't seem to find it since I moved, so now I have to knead (need) it. I remember when I use to make homemade white bread for my mom back in the day. I got the recipe from my 10th grade home economic's class. Hmm, now I am craving homemade bread, asI sit here drooling just thinking about it!