depression medicine & dry mouth..

@qamarep (4448)
February 27, 2010 1:05pm CST
depression medicines made me the always want more water and more tea than that . and more cold drinks than that. any tipp please...
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@920212 (577)
• Malaysia
28 Feb 10
for treat depression first of all try to relax your mind to someting your sweet experience dont let your emotion take over you listen to soft music more often.take 15 minutes walk and get a fresh air so it will increase your brain oxygen than your depression will decrease.tell the problem that make you keep depress to people that you believe. eat fruits and vegetables. go out there and have some fun. i hope this will help you.if you have any more question feel free to ask to me. if you want more information about depression go to
@alinka (184)
• Greece
27 Feb 10
I am the type of person that totally disagree with any kind of medicine treatment .Even for a headache I rather drink a tea than to take a pill.A friend of mine had to deal with very sad situation in his family followed by a depression and had to take some kind of medicine regarding his health.I've tried so hard to convince him that everything comes from his brain and he could get better only if he could find a reason to motivate his apetite for life.And this is what he did;found a job on the domain he seamed to be atracted on ,occupied his time with something that made his feel happy.