What is pancetta?

United States
February 28, 2010 6:40am CST
I am also wondering about pancetta, for it looks like a meat. I would also like to try this in a recipe, for I hear pancetta is very good. Maybe with some rice and eggs (separately of course). I have seen the shows where all the chefs use it, so I thought to give it a try myself.
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@owlwings (39748)
• Cambridge, England
28 Feb 10
Pancetta is a type of spiced bacon made from belly pork and usually unsmoked. In the UK and the US it is sold in cubes rather than in slices and used as a flavouring rather than as a meat in its own right. It is rather dryer (and more fatty) than English or American bacon and has a different flavour because of the spices. If it weren't so expensive, I would prefer it to bacon because our bacon tends to contain saltpetre, which makes it rather harsh and often over-salted.
• United States
3 Mar 10
Owlwings has it right on. Pancetta is an Italian cured but unsmoked pork product similar to Ham or Bacon. I use Pancetta mostly as a flavoring agent in the first part of my sautes with the Vegetables (onions, celery) before building my sauce. It has an unique flavor profile. akman!
5 Mar 10
We have our own version here in Spain, it's Jamon Serrano, it's exactly the same thing. A great thing to do with it is to wrap is around some chicken fillets and bake it in the oven. You can also add it to a pasta sauce or just eat it on it's own like we do here.