Especially to the Smokers?

@diillu (5128)
March 4, 2010 9:50am CST
If you smoke, then how many times have you tried to stop smoking? As for me, I have tried to quit smoking but seems like after a while I am back to the same old routine. I have already tried it many times before. I was on quitting smoke a week before and I didn't evern realise when did I start to smoke again. What about you guys?
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• Canada
26 Nov 10
i have tried like 100 times but its of no use. i know i can but i can't. I tried staying from smoke for a while, then something i can't control and well then i am smoking again. Cheers to all smokers but personally saying if its your start, stop it now or never.
@Neatteo (156)
• Malaysia
2 Apr 10
I tried so many times. The longest period is 6 month. On that time, I ate whenever I feel like want to smoke. At last my weight increase almost 30kgs. Then I was depressed. Now I still a smoker. And it is hard for me to back to normal. I was regretted to stop smoking. It is a bad statement actually. But it's true. Stop smoking makes me FAT!!!!
• United States
7 Mar 10
It's also hard for second hand smoke. It's very dangerous and can sometimes cause Lung cancer. I know its hard
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
5 Mar 10
I think i did try to stop about 2-3 times, before i really quitted.. haha =D IT's actually easy, and not that hard.. There are no withdrawal symptons at all!! It's more like a habitual thing.. Just like when one is really busy working, or seriously ill, will we be thinking of smoking?? I dun think so right?? It's all in the mind, and as long as there are distractions, we wont even think about lighting up.. So as time goes by, we will find ourselves quitting smoking.. hehe
@gr8life (6253)
• Malaysia
4 Mar 10
Hello diillu, I don't smoke and honestly, I hate being around smokers because I can't stand the smell. But my late father was a smoker himself. I experienced the same situation where he tried hard to quit smoking but to no avail. Lucky that he quit smoking at the end after a few attempts to do so. I know that this is not an easy task and I do believe most of the smokers too, find it hard to quit smoking.
@shibham (17022)
• India
4 Mar 10
Hi friend, u r not the only one who is struggling with smoking addiction, me too. u know i m not addicted to it. I smoke at least 15 per day but my main addiction is alchohol and i have tried more than 10 times to avoid it till now. So sorry friend.