school life or college life or marriage life###########

March 6, 2010 7:45am CST
which type of period in your life do u likes mostthe first option i choose is my school life which gives me more experience in life and lot of joy,enjoyment ,friends...
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
6 Mar 10
Hi, j1a2g3a4nf. I like my married life better. I don't have to drill myself into being loved and accepted. In school, I had to. College was okay but not all that fabulous. Being married is more better for me because that is when I became much maturer in life.
• India
6 Mar 10
well thank you my friend .....
@qamarep (4449)
• Pakistan
8 Mar 10
i havent been at the marriage life so i cant say about that but school life was of a great joy but in the college there was more freedom then its better. after marriage i will be able to comment on that
• India
6 Mar 10
i always think that college life is better . i think its the best part of any human life . their wont be much of worries . although their will be certain worries we all can enjoy . no work pressure , no family pressure and no presssure for most pat . for me i will say that college life the best one . of course school life is also good . and its next to college life . i dont know about the marriage life as i am not married .
@dreamnishu (1253)
• China
6 Mar 10
I am unmarried. So have no idea about this. But in school and college life i would like to choose my school life. Which gives me more enjoyment and good things. I miss my school life so much. If anybody ask me to back in my behind life then i wanna go back my school life.