Do you have keep?

March 15, 2010 5:48am CST
How many of you here have keep OR thinking of having kepp?I can see many people have keep even though they have very beautiful wife.Something is better than wife with keep what is it?I don't have wife as well as keep .But I know many do that.What about you do you have keep.
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• India
19 Mar 10
well i am also not married and well i dont have any keep and according to my knowledge it would be any time risk to have a keep because well you share all your thinking to your wife and also some times you would share your views to your keep and some times if you are unable to satisfy the demand made by your keep she may expose you that time you will be in risk so well i would thinking of keeping a keep after marriage or now also .
• Philippines
16 Mar 10
if it s a mistress or another lover then i dont have. my relationship right now with my gf is cold but atleast she s good in bed so, yeah. lol.
@amarkovi (63)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
15 Mar 10
What/who's a "keep"? You mean a lover?